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April 19, 2023   |   Design

6 reasons why tech startups use illustration in their branding

Illustration used to be associated mainly with traditional media, like books and magazines. However, in recent years, an increasing number of tech startups have turned to illustration as a way of expressing their brand identity. Big players like Shopify, Dropbox, Mailchimp, and Meta all use them to tell stories, spark the imagination, convey important information and communicate with their audiences. Here are some great reasons why you should consider incorporating illustration into your brand:

1. Stand out from the competition

Illustration is great at conveying subtle brand traits and values and can add a unique touch, creating a personality and tone that is distinct from competitors.

When creating a visual language for Highline Beta we came up with the idea of ‘Building Blocks’ – custom 3D illustrations that represent the company’s philosophy that innovation comes in different shapes and sizes, and that combining different concepts in new ways can create something truly unique.

2. Make hard concepts easy to understand

Tech startups often deal with complex or abstract concepts, and illustrations can help simplify and clarify these ideas for audiences.

When creating websites for DVeX, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, we quickly realized that illustrations will reduce the information load and help explain the services provided by the company in a simple way.

3. Create an impact

Illustrations can be eye-catching and attention-grabbing, helping to engage audiences and convey information in a more memorable way.

For Crypto Camp, an ‘unconference’ for the Toronto blockchain community, we used illustrations to create beautiful visuals that conveyed the event’s multi-level structure, emphasizing that there was something for everyone, regardless of their level of familiarity with crypto.

4. Establish a strong brand presence

Illustration can be applied in different types of designs such as logos, infographics, marketing materials, blog posts, and even UI design while still maintaining their visual appeal and impact. They help unify a brand, building recognition and loyalty.

For Canopy Labs, a marketing analytics startup, we developed a library that included various illustrations and iconography that could be used across the website, marketing decks and other promotional materials.

5. Easily scale your marketing

Illustrations are cost-effective and can be created quickly and easily, unlike photography, which is time-consuming and expensive. This allows businesses to produce illustrations for various marketing materials without extensive planning or production processes.

Judo, a no-code mobile build tool, uses illustrations for their blog and social media content. It makes the brand look consistent across all their marketing channels.

6. Get creative with your brand

Using illustrations in tech startups can also help create a more approachable and friendly brand image, which can be especially important in industries that are perceived as technical or intimidating.

At Lights On, a development company that builds apps for high-profile startups in the valley, illustrations are used to showcase the personalities of their team members. It helps to humanize the brand and show that there are real people behind the code.

We always enjoy coming up with creative illustrations for our clients, whether it’s establishing a new brand, explaining a complex idea or having a little bit of fun with the brand identity.

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