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Canopy Labs


Canopy Labs data analytics platform (acquired by Drop Technologies Inc. in 2018) enabled B2C companies to aggregate and analyze customer interactions with email, website, stories and other online and offline marketing channels, and personalize each customer’s journey for optimal customer experience.

As a brand new company entering the market, Canopy Labs started with a basic templated site and a company logo, but soon realized the need for a better-structured website and a stronger visual identity as key to attracting potential clients and investors, and igniting growth.

Oddbee’s mission was to re-imagine Canopy Labs brand and design from the ground up: develop a distinct visual identity, re-build the site and UX, and elevate Canopy Labs brand to prepare the business for scale and liftoff.


The website was cluttered with different types of information without a clear structure, making it hard to navigate. We re-imagined the information architecture and introduced a new site structure that clearly explained what the company does and how it speaks to each segment of their audience: potential customers, investors and prospect employees. Increased conversion rate with integrated calls to action and tools to contact Canopy Labs, thanks to a new modern site with a complex product offering that became pleasant and easy to navigate.

Using illustration to tell the story

The company had a really hard time explaining its core capabilities without having to rely on stock photos of various charts and graphs, which was not visually exciting and made their website and client presentations very bland.

We specialize in illustrations as the main medium to help tell a good brand story. This approach works especially well for companies with complex product offering, making it easier for people to understand. Oddbee handled all illustrations, from the home-page banners to the smallest icons created specifically for Canopy Labs. We also developed a full iconography toolkit to use on the site and in their online/offline marketing materials.

Iconography Toolkit

Simplified complexity

Canopy Labs’ product, while complex, felt much less intimidating thanks to the illustrations and iconography we’ve created, resulting in more customer demand and business growth.

Working towards a design system

The green colour selected to represent the brand was misleading, as they were often mistaken for um, *another* type of company.

We introduced new secondary colours - blue and navy that complimented the main brand green and made the necessary brand update without drastic risk, evolving the brand to increase its tech sector relevance.

Group 4

Oddbee is a fantastic design and web development partner. They were the right balance of professionalism, creative thinking, and boundary pushing. The Oddbee team took time to understand our actual business and our goals with customers. They then worked to ensure that the designs they came up with were both appealing and actually helped us achieve our business objectives. I highly recommend working with them.

Wojciech Gryc

CEO, Canopy Labs

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