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Keep abreast of the latest happenings at our studio, discover emerging design trends, find inspiration for your next project, and gain a deeper understanding of the design process from our hive of experts.

Digital Illustration Process

Design 04/01/24

Digital illustration is a big part of what we do at Oddbee. Our detailed process unfolds through multiple stages to bring the client’s vision...

Across continents: Oddbee’s company culture

Hive Culture 02/08/24

At Oddbee, we believe that a strong team culture is essential in order to produce consistently high quality work. This is especially true for a...

Pros and cons of distributed teamwork: Oddbee’s experience

Hive Culture 11/28/23

Oddbee has been working as a distributed team since it was founded. The team works from Canada, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. In this article, our team...

Effective teamwork with a 10-hour difference: Lessons Learned

Hive 11/14/23

Our agency has been working distributed since it was founded. The core team works across 3 time zones: EST (Canadian East Coast), UTC+02:00 (Ukraine)...

Diving into Visual Brand Identity: The Essentials

Design 10/23/23

Ever wondered what makes a brand instantly recognizable? It’s the magic of visual identity – a mix of various elements that work together to...

When do you need to refresh your Key Visuals?

Design 09/15/23

Key Visual — what is it? Key Visual (KV) is a graphic element or image that is the central and most recognizable component of a brand or...

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