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Keep abreast of the latest happenings at our studio, discover emerging design trends, find inspiration for your next project, and gain a deeper understanding of the design process from our hive of experts.

Rebranding or brand refresh: How to decide?

Design 08/29/23

Is your brand struggling to stand out from the competition? It seems like a change is in order. But is a complete overhaul necessary, or would subtle...

Should a logo tell what the company does?

Design 06/27/23

I had a conversation with a client the other day about whether or not a logo should directly represent what the company does. I see it as a...

Animating Identity: Unveiling the Brand Essence through Logo Animation

Design 06/22/23

Logo animation is a fantastic tool that can breathe life into the visual appeal of a brand. Back in the day, when the world of design was just...

6 reasons why tech startups use illustration in their branding

Design 04/19/23

Illustration used to be associated mainly with traditional media, like books and magazines. However, in recent years, an increasing number of tech...

What it’s like to brand a digital product?

Design 02/07/23

Creating an exciting visual brand is key to standing out in the crowded digital market. While traditional branding principles such as developing a...

User Experience Metrics

Design 02/07/23

Why is your user interface feeling blue? Because it had a low click-through rate. Overview UX (user experience) metrics are benchmarks used to...

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