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Web Unleashed 2023


WEBU23 is the ultimate three-day conference for front-end development experts. Its mission is to advance the careers of attendees by introducing them to the latest tools, techniques, and technologies in the field. 

This year, the privilege of crafting the event's creative fell to our team. Our primary goal was to develop an original concept that not only feels innovative but also resonates with our knowledgeable audience while ensuring seamless integration with the event's titles and all related print and digital marketing materials.


Our creative process began with a brainstorming session aimed at generating as many ideas as possible — we wanted to create a design that felt fresh yet paid homage to our industry's legacy. This led to the concept of the web's evolution — starting as a niche, simplistic entity, it gradually became an integral part of our lives, flourishing with the colours of Web3 and AI. The metaphor of a cobweb, well-understood in our context, laid the foundation for our concept. To symbolize connectivity and the community spirit of our event, we introduced the motif of fireflies. Employing tools like Cinema 4D, we crafted dynamic, emotionally engaging visuals, capturing the spirit of innovation and collaboration that defines our work.


The result was a beautiful title sequence that effectively captured the ethos of the conference. This final design was adapted across various formats, including banners, conference badges, the event program, and the website, ensuring a cohesive visual identity. Reflecting the theme of the internet's evolution, the design was positively received by the community, appreciated for its thoughtful approach and powerful visuals.

The Story

From the void, particles emerge, rapidly multiplying and weaving through in an orchestrated chaos, swaying to the rhythm of sound. Their movements are unrestrained, filled with hope and purpose, reminiscent of fireflies illuminating the night.

Yet, as their radiance grows, we see they are part of a vast, spherical realm with inherent limitations. Their once free-spirited dance now seems confined; the freedom was merely an illusion.

However, these fireflies find an escape. In their wake, they leave behind delicate cobwebs which, over time, evolve into something more magnificent.

This new web morphs and undulates, with fireflies dancing upon its threads. It becomes a vibrant, intricate tapestry. Within this expansive, cyclical realm, they appear to bask in newfound freedom. But the question lingers: is this freedom genuine, or merely another captivating illusion?

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