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Maker Festival


We were tasked with creating branding for Maker Festival — Canada’s largest maker community gathering. What we delivered was a complete visual identity that would represent all the creatives, builders, tinkerers, and thinkers that comprised the attendance.

Our primary research was to understand to full scope of audience interests, both young and old, professional and hobbyist. Inspired by toy building blocks, IKEA instructions, and festive flags, we chose to construct the logo and visual identity (including illustrations, business cards, and stationary) out of triangles in a simple, overlapping colour palette. The result was whimsical while robust — both flexible and visually striking. Like those who create out of the mundane and seemingly empty, these simple parts (colours, triangles) could be combined endlessly in unique ways. By utilizing simple shapes and compounding basic colours, we could represent the spark of creativity that united our vision and the vision of attendees.

The project was so much a success that customers took the inspiration and went on to create their own pieces using the visual identity!

Like play, nothing needs to be perfect when you create. It just needs to feel good in your hands.




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