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Kelly Lynch


From the moment we discovered Kelly Lynch’s approach, we were intrigued. A unique client whose methods departed so far from the ordinary deserved a beautiful website to match. Something that draws you in and begs you to keep reading.

Two methods came together to make this project a success: a top-down understanding of the client’s creative intent and a compelling and illustrative art style. With these in mind, we got to work on bringing her message to life.


We captured the nature of Kelly’s work as far-reaching and mystical by opening the top of the site with a dark and starry colour palate that eventually opens into brightness and levity. This mirrors the project’s compelling call to action — leading users from proverbial darkness into light. The illustrative metaphors on the site were developed in close collaboration with Kelly herself.

Through custom icons and imagery, the art that fills the background carries over and beautifies the otherwise limited functionality of the booking software. The symbols on the site were chosen with care alongside the colours and shapes — so much so that the client is expanding into physical products that follow the same visual style!



The project was a resounding success, not only for her existing online business but for the option of expanding her art kit into new endeavours. We are proud to have offered our unique skill set to her unique business and create an enduring testament to the  power of creatives when they work together with a shared goal.

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