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Hub Climbing


Hub Climbing is a chain of indoor rock climbing and bouldering gyms in Markham and Mississauga, Ontario. They offer a wide variety of climbing walls, including a 23-foot free bouldering challenge and 22 roped climbing routes for kids and adults. At Hub Climbing, everyone can find a challenge suited to their level without feeling forced. No pressure, just fun.


Hub Climbing approached us for a redesign due to several challenges with their old site. Firstly, it was difficult to keep track of which content belonged to each gym since they have two locations.

Secondly, the website struggled to handle the increasing amount of content, making it hard for users to navigate, and it was also challenging for our client to update it.

Lastly, the design needed to cater to both kids and parents, offering a fun and safe experience, while also appealing to experienced climbers.


We started by creating a separate section for each Hub Climbing location. Both gyms pages share the same layout, but the information is clearly differentiated. We restructured and rebuilt the site using WordPress Multisite, which allowed us to create top-level pages that could be accessed from either site. We've implemented a session-based header/footer that keeps track of the user's initial location page throughout their site visit.

Our goal was to provide Hub Climbing with an easily updatable website. We analyzed content types and created an easy-to-use page builder consisting of blocks, such as a simple image+text section, pricing accordion, FAQs, testimonial slider, and more. We also reimagined and simplified the waiver process, which requires each climber to sign before each visit. The solution was a dynamic Waiver Wizard that provides clear steps for users without overwhelming them.

One of the highlights of the redesign process was the visuals. With the logo, fonts, and colors already in place, we set out to freshen up the design. Our graphic solutions harmoniously aligned with the essence of the company's brand, while photography emerged as a pivotal element, injecting life and excitement into the project. Collaborating with Talentosa Productions, we captured the spirit of both locations, portraying the rich diversity of gym-goers and the joy of climbing.

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