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  • Ephimera, Canada
  • Crypto
  • Photography
  • NFT
  • Product Design
  • MVP
  • UI/UX
  • Prototyping



Ephimera was a unique challenge, in that the development required Oddbee to consider the complex needs of galleries, collectors, and artists in the fast-paced and novel market of crypto-art exchanges. NFT art was yet to enter the global consciousness, and we were tasked to pave the way—all on a tight deadline.

Fonts, designs, and functional solutions that face both gallery clients and customers must be built from the ground up. We need to translate our growing knowledge of NFTs towards the customer as the project evolves, and pivot quickly as the final model of photographic hosting takes form. Above all, the design must instill confidence in the forward-thinking marketspace.


The solution was in the inspiration. Fine art auctions are nothing new, in fact, they’ve been around for centuries. The trick was to emulate that environment through modern UX — effectively digitizing the clean lines, granite pedestals, and aristocratic air of the fine art galleries. NFT-specific features like minting, artist detail pages, and split revenue for collaborations came shortly after.

By using plenty of open space and a sparse palette of greyscale, the site frames the art pieces the same way a gallery might. Integrating multiple languages with an easy-to-navigate interface reinforced the globalized nature of NFT’s, and streamlined the auction process for a worldwide digital market.

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