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CentML is a software company that specializes in providing machine learning (ML) practitioners with a comprehensive solution to iterate and improve their models, resulting in significant cost and time savings. Their mission is to make ML training and serving faster and cheaper by offering a proprietary automated model tuning software and a world-class ML training and serving platform.


Our primary challenge revolved around developing a brand identity for CentML that would strongly resonate with the target audience, differentiate them from the competition and ensure visual consistency across diverse digital touchpoints.

The original logo posed a big challenge for us as it was not originally created to appear on so many different digital properties and was cluttered, so we needed to figure out how to improve its readability and avoid any confusion around its visual recognition.


After exploring numerous solutions, we devised an idea that addressed the core challenge: reintroducing clarity to the logo by emphasizing the letter "C". Visually, the logo remained largely unchanged, but the risk of misreading was eliminated. However, we didn't stop there. We experimented with multiple rotations and repetitions of the letter "C", forming the foundation of CentML's key visuals. This visual representation captures the essence of CentML's optimization process, showcasing the improved allocation and utilization of hardware resources without compromising the accuracy of deep learning models. While the concept may seem intricate, it visually resembles a radial diagram, highlighting the positive outcomes of the optimization process.

Furthermore, we meticulously curated the brand's color palette, selected appropriate fonts, and developed a cohesive style for iconography and infographics. These elements together establish a harmonious visual language that effectively communicates the brand's core message, lending it a unique expressiveness. To ensure the longevity of CentML's brand identity, we created a brand guide. This invaluable resource provides clear instructions on logo usage, color application, font selection, and more. It equips CentML with the necessary tools to maintain a consistent and unified visual style across all digital touchpoints, reinforcing their brand identity and message.

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