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May 30, 2024   |   Hive

The Agency Landscape: Navigating with Oddbee

Navigating the diverse world of agencies can be daunting for businesses aiming to enhance their brand presence. To simplify, we can categorise agencies based on their services, ownership, scope, and specialisation.

Types of Services:

  1. Advertising Agencies: Focus on crafting and placing ads across TV, radio, print, and online media.
  2. Digital Agencies: Specialise in digital channels, offering website design, email marketing, SEO, PPC campaigns, and digital product design and development.
  3. Branding Agencies: Experts in brand development, ensuring a consistent and compelling brand voice and look.
  4. Creative Agencies: Produce creative content, from graphics to video production and copywriting.

Other types include PR Agencies, Social Media Agencies, SEO Agencies, and Experiential Marketing Agencies and others.



  1. Corporate Agencies: Large, often multinational, agencies with extensive resources and a broad range of services.
  2. Independent Agencies: Smaller, privately-owned firms that often offer more personalised service and specialised expertise.


  1. Full-Service Agencies: Provide holistic marketing and advertising solutions, covering all aspects of a brand’s needs.
  2. Niche Agencies: Specialise in specific areas, such as branding, digital marketing, or SEO, offering deep expertise in their focus areas.


  1. Generalist Agencies: Serve a wide range of industries without specific focus, offering versatile but broad services.
  2. Industry-Specific Agencies: Focus on particular industries or sectors, providing tailored services that cater to specific market needs.


Where Oddbee Fits In

Oddbee thrives at the intersection of branding and digital. As an independent agency, we specialise in branding and website design for tech companies and startups. Founded in Toronto in 2014, we provide bespoke design services that combine the quality of a premier agency with the agility of a smaller firm. We have tailored our services to meet the needs of our target clients, offering everything from branding to pitch decks and websites under one roof.

Our Distinctive Capabilities:

  • Comprehensive Branding Services: Including strategy, logos, visual identity design, and brand guidelines development.
  • Extensive Design Services: Covering pitch decks, social media content, brochures, and web banners.
  • Website Development: Offering website design and development on platforms like WordPress and Webflow.

Tech-Focused Excellence:

We excel in serving tech companies and startups, especially those looking to scale in their seed to Series A rounds. Our expertise spans the SaaS, AI/ML, and Fintech sectors.

Oddbee’s Unique Edge:

  • High-Quality Design Work: We provide exceptional design that stands out.
  • Comprehensive Services: Offering both branding and website services under one roof, unlike traditional branding or digital agencies that do either or.
  • Specialisation in Tech: With extensive experience, we understand their needs, speak their language, and have a lean process tailored to this category of clients.


  • Unlike Full-Service Marketing Agencies: We are design and development specialists with a design-driven approach.
  • Unlike Offshore/Value-Focused Agencies: We are a cohesive, tight-knit team ensuring unparalleled responsiveness and superior design aesthetics.
  • Unlike Large Corporate Agencies: We offer affordability, agility, passion, and a collaborative approach without compromising on quality.

In a city like Toronto, teeming with agencies, Oddbee stands out with an undying commitment to quality. We don’t merely follow instructions; we ideate, innovate, and solve problems through design. For Oddbee, beauty isn’t just a superficial trait; it’s an essential communication asset.

We cater to tech companies and startups for whom design is a focal point. Our clients are the trendsetters, visionaries, and disruptors who recognize the power of aesthetics in a world that’s constantly watching.

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