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July 12, 2022   |   Hive Thoughts

5 takeaways from working with startups

At Oddbee we love working with tech startups because we get to partner with smart, passionate people who want to make a difference. It’s also very rewarding because we see the impact of our work faster – our clients launch new products, raise funding, and sometimes get sold. When they win, we win.

We’ve learned over the years that working with startups is very different from established companies, so we’ve developed our own tailored approach to helping our clients. Here are some of the trends that are always top of mind for us:

1. Leaner approach

Startups often don’t have big budgets, but we never compromise on quality, so we find ways to make projects leaner. While cutting down on research is not optional, we keep our costs down by keeping the paperwork to a minimum, and instead of designing every screen for different devices, we provide key components and guidance for developers.

2. The only constant is change

Startups iterate by nature. They test, release, get feedback, and change. A lot. We adapt to change and remain flexible because it is critical for working with early-stage companies.

3. DIY Creative Toolbox

Startups have crazy turnarounds and often can’t engage with agencies because they need to launch something fast. We can quickly enable them to do it with a proper toolbox – style guides, design rules, and visual libraries.

4. Collaboration

Startups don’t always know what they need and that’s why we see ourselves as their design co-founders and partners who understand their business and can advise on the strategy, direction, and even hiring internal design staff to help them propel to new heights

5. Design to grow

Whether it’s a minimal viable product or a brand, we always start small and then continue to evolve because It’s important to give companies a solid foundation that allows for future growth.

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