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Sibli is a company that helps investment managers better understand the market using AI-based technology, which processes large amounts of unstructured data to find important insights. Institutional investors leverage these solutions to secure an information advantage, reduce blind spots, and improve performance. By delivering key insights directly to portfolio managers and analysts, Sibli empowers them to respond faster to changes, reduce risks, and achieve better results.


Our task was to create a visual identity that conveyed professionalism and reliability, reflecting the company's values: excellence, ingenuity, reliability, and integrity. It was necessary to strike a balance between traditional associations with wisdom and modern technological aspects, showing that Sibli is at the cutting edge of investment research using artificial intelligence.
The website needed to evoke feelings of amazement, trust, and satisfaction among users, demonstrating that Sibli's technology transforms the investment industry and helps make more informed decisions.


We developed a comprehensive brand platform encompassing the mission, values, vision for the future, character, and positioning. Defining the brand archetype as the Sage, we created the metaphor "access to cutting-edge wisdom," highlighting Sibli as a source of knowledge for the investment industry.
These ideas were embodied in the brand's visual identity, from the logo to graphic elements. The logo features a keyhole symbolising access, a blade representing cutting edge, and a magnifying glass denoting wisdom and the search for information. The typographic part of the logo emphasises sharpness in the letter cuts. The pattern, consisting of numerous blades, reflects innovation and dynamism, adapting to various graphic tasks. The colour palette includes green and purple, where green symbolises growth and purple represents innovation.


We created a cohesive visual identity system that is prominently displayed across all mediums, especially the website. It effectively fulfils the marketing and informational task of explaining, selling, and impressing. We achieved this through structured information delivery and illustrating complex concepts with simple graphics and icons. Animating the pattern and incorporating interactive interface elements made the site not only easy to navigate but also aesthetically pleasing. This helped Sibli establish a strong and recognizable image, showcasing their innovative and reliable approach.

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