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DVex & DV Chain


With DVeX & DV Chain, we asked ourselves how we could translate the complexity of the field, as well as the client services offered, into a navigable, aesthetically pleasing, and informative website for an industry-leading company.


Beginning with only a company logo, we immediately recognized the potential for custom illustration to offer memorable and straightforward communication. Simplifying cryptocurrency concepts into graphics allowed us to layer website components for ease of understanding what services the client offered.

In the end, the client received a memorable and functional site with market appeal and a touch of OddBee charm.


Despite DVeX being a leading crypto exchange, we kept the concepts as simple as possible. After all, if we couldn’t understand, how could potential clients? The page was kept clean, simple, and informative to best convey the company’s offerings. By using illustrations to reduce the information load, we created an online experience that is clean and straightforward.

The DVex and DV Chain websites were built under the same brand and shared aspects of each other’s functionality.

DV Chain

Content such as blog posts were configured to be published to both DVeX and DV Chain simultaneously. Coherence was established between the two sites, the same design language, such as fonts, colours, iconography and overall user experience. Since the two businesses work in tandem, it seemed to us that their websites should as well!

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