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Paays is a tech startup that provides Canadians with financing on airline tickets and travel packages.

It is made for millennials - singles, couples, and young families who want to travel more, discover new remote destinations and explore the world but can’t always afford it. Buying tickets on a credit card can be expensive. Unlike traditional financial institutions Paays offers lower interest rates and works with major Canadian Travel partners.

Oddbee developed Paays visual identity, designed the platform and the website.

We wanted to give Paays a voice that is both playful and inspires trust at the same time, to design a brand that would make people feel excited, free and secure. Paays is not their parents’ bank, but it’s a financial company. It’s an enabler, a portal to wherever they want to go.


We developed Paays ‘aa’ logo, colour palette, typography and create a shared visual language that is used throughout the platform and marketing materials.

The double ‘aa’ in the company name was originally a compromise in order to secure a short domain name. In our opinion it posed a potential challenge for the brand recognition. We decided to make it into a feature - if it stands out, customers will more likely remember the correct spelling.

We made the double ‘aa’ into a dynamic motif – an element of visual identity that changes depending on the context and gives extra meaning to the design. It became the ‘portal’ to new exciting destinations and opportunities.


The concept of financing for online purchases was fairly new for Canadians at the time. One of our main UX challenges was to make sure people understand how the product works without reading. In our design we relied a lot on iconography and infographics that highlighted the differences between Paays and traditional lenders. Introducing a dynamic slider that would show the sample trips and instalment payments was another design win.

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