Crypto Camp is a blockchain event in Toronto that follows ‘un-conference’ format.

It aims to educate, onramp and up-skill "crypto-curious" professionals from various sectors on blockchain technology, facilitate informed discussions, grow the community, and advance the future of blockchain technology.

This event’s goal was to connect, and diversify the ecosystem, filter the hype and the noise, and offer a central place for education, showing projects in progress, and having in-depth conversations about the future challenges and opportunities.

Oddbee was tasked with designing an event brand that would stand out in the multitude of other blockchain conferences in the city. Fraught with high profile thefts and association with illegal activity and fraud, public perception of the Crypto industry has suffered in recent years. Backed by corporate giant of Deloitte, CC was tasked with creating a very different impression - Look trustworthy, legitimate and accessible to everyone from Bay Street bankers to blockchain nerds.

The organizers wanted to make Crypto Camp feel more like a family picnic rather than a ‘frat party’. CryptoCamp was supposed to be an event for everyone.

“When people see our brand, we wanted them to say ‘Finally! No nonsense crypto event!”

The event was decentralized by nature - most of the talks, demos and presentations were driven by community. We wanted to reflect this in our design. The multi-level digital campsite illustration created for the event was to reflect the event structure, as well as reference the venue - the flagship Deloitte building connected by staircases. There’s something to discover on each level: attendees are welcome to get lost in a forest of demos, watch rock solid keynotes, or just sit by an Ether campfire and learn about the new technology in a circle of friends.

We made the design modular, so the client could use the elements of it separately - on event signage, website and promo materials.

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