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February 07, 2023   |   Design

What it’s like to brand a digital product?

Creating an exciting visual brand is key to standing out in the crowded digital market. While traditional branding principles such as developing a unique identity and clear brand message remain relevant, there are a few important considerations for creating a digital-first brand.

Digital applications

When creating a digital brand, it’s important to consider how the logo will be represented across different digital touchpoints – will it work as a favicon, email signature, social media avatar or app icon? 

Visual identity for Judo

Web Accessibility

A core brand palette with colour usage rules that are designed with accessibility in mind will ensure your app is accessible to a diverse range of users, including those with visual impairments.


When choosing a brand font, keep in mind how it will translate into the product design. Consider factors such as readability, scalability, and license costs when your product reaches a large user base.

Visual identity for Balance


Digital branding provides opportunities to delight users at the UI level. A creative 404 page, a personalized “Thank you” illustration, or an animated error banner can all add to your brand’s personality.


Animations are an important aspect of digital branding as they help capture user attention. Consider adding a logo animation or dynamic key visuals to your brand.

Illustrations and website design for Highline Beta

System Thinking

Finally, think of your brand as a system and plan ahead for how the visual identity will translate into the interface and design system. A modern digital product requires a seamless integration of branding, marketing, product, and sales to function as a single, cohesive mechanism.

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