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January 25, 2023   |   Hive

Three questions for Ania

We asked Ania, our UI/UX Designer, three questions about design.

1. What is design to you?

The interface design is the process of creating systems of interaction between people and objects (most often machines and software). My job and main challenge as an interface designer is to create interfaces that are intuitive to use while allowing users to perform their (often complex) tasks efficiently and with as little friction as possible.

2. What kind of designer are you?

I know that there are many ways to solve a specific problem with design, and I always aim to find the right solution. My approach is to avoid making design decisions based solely on my experience, but rather experiment and try many different options because I find that only through experiments can you understand what works and what doesn’t.

3. How does design change the world?

Some design decisions and projects can completely change the way people live and behave. Everything that surrounds us today, things like a table, a chair or a telephone, were once invented by designers. However, right now there is a big move towards minimalism and decluttering unnecessary material things so industrial design might make a shift towards designing physical objects for digital spaces which will be interesting to see.

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