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August 18, 2022   |   Hive Thoughts

Presentation is not just about slides

A presentation deck is a very powerful marketing tool. We create presentations to help tell our story, attract investors, drive sales, increase brand awareness, and set ourselves apart from our competitors.

Creating a strong presentation doesn’t have to be difficult but it should include the following steps:

1. Goal

You need to understand your ‘Why’ before you start creating the slides. If you have a clearly articulated goal in mind, you will be able to build the right strategy and reflect it on your slides.

2. Structure

This is your ‘How’. To be able to create a logical presentation that has an easy-to-follow flow, it is very important to think through the structure of the whole presentation first.

3. Content

Your content should be straight to the point, honest, and should clearly demonstrate the value that your product or services would bring to the end user. Keep in mind that people typically pay more attention to what your company is trying to achieve, not the company itself.

4. Design

Try to tell your story through creative design, visuals or graphics instead of focusing on the copy. We all tend to better respond to visual cues rather than words. Keep your designs clean, clear, and on brand.

Goal. Structure. Content. Design—now go create an awesome presentation!

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