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April 01, 2024   |   Design

Digital Illustration Process

Digital illustration is a big part of what we do at Oddbee. Our detailed process unfolds through multiple stages to bring the client’s vision to life. Let’s dive into how we approach each project:


Our journey begins with research to better understand the client’s brief, the topic, and the context of the illustration. This may include looking at similar works, collecting references, and exploring different styles and techniques.


The next step is finding the right idea. Whether it’s meant for a single use on social media, a website, or as part of a brand’s identity, we identify the essential elements that need to be included. Decisions on style, colour palette, and overall mood are made to ensure alignment with the brand’s identity.

Then we create as many pencil sketches as possible. This allows us to experiment with composition, layout, and the overall look of the illustration.

At this stage, it’s important to show the best sketches to the client to confirm we’re moving in the right direction.

Digital Development:

Once we have the winner, we start working on the digital rendering. Depending on the style, we could use graphic tablets and software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Procreate.

We create the main outlines and shapes of the illustration using lines or colour blocks. Then, we add textures, shadows, lighting, and other effects to give the illustration depth and vibrancy.

Final Touches:

Details are the last but not least. We refine the artwork and improve the overall appearance of the illustration. This may include adjusting the colour palette, tweaking the composition, or adding extra elements.


Before finalising, we test the illustration across its intended applications. This involves checking how it looks on banners, websites, presentation slides, or merchandise, ensuring it meets the project’s objectives and functions well in its intended context.

Final Version:

Once all revisions are completed and the illustration is approved, we prepare the final files, according to the specific requirements of the project or publication.


Optionally, animation can help bring illustration to life, adding a layer of motion and delight.This process may vary depending on the artist’s individual preferences, project requirements, and the tools and techniques we use. However, it’s always a collaboration between our team and the client, rooted in an understanding of the business, current trends, and our experience.


Illustration is a very powerful tool that helps brands convey complex ideas in a simple and engaging way, enhancing storytelling and emotional connection with their audience. At Oddbee, our passion for digital art and commitment to excellence transform our clients’ vision into captivating illustrations. From initial research to the final touches, we ensure every piece exceeds expectations. We’re excited to bring your ideas to life, creating art that resonates and impresses.

If you want to learn more about where we apply Illustration in our clients’ work, check out the article: “6 reasons why tech startups use illustration in their branding”

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