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June 22, 2023   |   Design

Animating Identity: Unveiling the Brand Essence through Logo Animation

Logo animation is a fantastic tool that can breathe life into the visual appeal of a brand. Back in the day, when the world of design was just dipping its toes into the digital pool, logos were mostly a print affair and didn’t make much of a splash online.

However, with the emergence of new technologies and the proliferation of the internet, the game changed. Now, we can bring a brand to life through animation. An animated logo tells a story of what the brand stands for, making a solid connection with the audience.

Logo animation for our studio

You can use an animated logo in many ways: from adding it to a website, or corporate video, to social media. Moving images are more captivating than static ones. They hold viewers’ attention longer and leave a lasting impression, giving the brand its own unique character and vibe.

Logo animation for Danielson Kabesh Law

Logo animation for Judo

There are several rules we follow when creating logo animation:

First – keep it short. We aim to keep the animation concise, typically within an optimal range of 5 to 10 seconds. However, depending on the specific use case, such as in brand videos, we may choose to make it even shorter.

Logo animation for Highline Beta

Second – brand first. The animated logo acts as a storyteller, unfolding the brand’s essence in a sequential manner. It’s important that all movements, paths, effects and transitions align with the overall brand narrative and visual style.

Logo animation for Futurpreneur

Logo animation for Balance

Third – dynamics is key. Logo animation should be dynamic and project the brand’s energy and vigour. With motion, we can amplify the impact, generate a sense of momentum, and draw viewers into the brand’s world.

Logo animation for CentML

Finally, animation makes the logo memorable. Through motion, we can convey the underlying ideas behind the logo, which create a lasting impression of the brand within the audience’s minds.

Logo animation for Promise Robotics

To sum up, logo animation offers a great opportunity to enhance the visual appeal of the brand, tell its story, highlight its uniqueness, and evoke an emotional response from the audience. It opens up new horizons for creative expression, making the brand delightful and memorable.

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