Client: Visible Media, Orion*

Orion is the highest-speed Internet provider connecting educational & research institutions across Ontario. The Annual report was designed to reflect the company’s success over the years, such as the expanded network, increased speed, and contributing to innovations, as well as the diversity of their users.


The main challenge was to present a large amount of information in a compact, attractive, and easy to read format. It was important for the client to show the diversity of their customers.


The design was inspired by the idea of connecting different people and places. The concept of connecting dots laid throughout the entire brochure: the cover design, infographics, photos, and company milestones. Clean and simple layout, limited use of colour and a lot of white space made the large amount of information easier to consume. The report was printed on matt paper with spot UV finish on the cover which gave the product a nice and elegant feel.

*Katerina Lyadova’s personal portfolio