eBay Fashion

Art Direction, UI Design, Localization

Client: Visible Media, eBay*

eBay Fashion Emerging Markets

When it snows in Russia and it’s sunny in Brazil. What’s popular in California may not be in demand in Siberia. The team’s challenge was to design an app that would cater to the needs of Russian and Brazilian users as well as accommodate for their cultural peculiarities. Many eBay sellers are small businesses or individuals who often don’t have professional shots of their goods.


The main visual challenge was to create a solid visual foundation for user-generated content that would present the listings in professional way and make the products look appealing to potential buyers.


The app featured the simplified interface which created an easier experience for the audience less familiar with modern technologies than North American residents. The app featured flash sales banners section that were updated every week and designed specifically for the selected audience and in line with the seasonal and cultural demands. The universal iOs and Android app interface was flexible enough to accommodate for language differences. All major flows had a language toggle that would help users to easily switch between English and their native language to make the most sense of machine-translated content.

The app allowed buyers to browse by category or colour, search and refine, get inspired and of course buy the desired products.

*Katerina Lyadova’s personal portfolio